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Euthanasia - making the decision.

Our dogs and cats are a part of our family, often we have had our pet for longer than our children have been alive. Our pets are a constant in our lives, they are with us through good times and bad times so it can be so difficult when the time comes to know when to let them go. Here are some indications for getting a vet to see your older pet and give you a quality of life assessment:

1. Your pet is really starting to struggle with mobility issues and is already on medications to assist with this. It is important to remember that whilst mobility issues are a natural part of aging we can help our pets a lot with various medications and therapies. Your pet should not have to live in pain. is a really good source of useful management advice to help your arthritic dog.

2. Your older pet is refusing to eat or vomiting several times a week or has lost weight rapidly. This would be an indication for a check up and further testing: blood tests, ultrasound, dental check to see what is going on. This is not a normal part of aging.

3. Your pet is incontinent: yes, this can be related to aging however it can also be due to hormonal imbalances or other issues which may be helped with medication. Don't discount urinary incontinence as a natural part of aging without talking to your vet.

4. Your dog or cat has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is more of a family decision. If your pet is not going to get better and is going to progressively get sicker, then as soon as you and your family are ready to say goodbye that is the right time, in my eyes.

5. Your older dog appears to be going senile. Yes! Senility is a thing in dogs! We refer to it as canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome and it usually presents as abnormal behavior such as excessive barking at no apparent cause, wandering aimlessly, inability to settle for long periods of time, night-waking, staring into space, not knowing where their food/water bowl is.

If any of these issues apply to your pet and you would like Dr. Louise to come and visit your golden oldie at home for a quality of life assessment, call 0455450758.

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