About Us

Sunshine Coast Mobile Vets was established to provide a convenient and stress-free veterinary service for Sunshine Coast Residents. After providing a general practice mobile service for 3 years, Dr. Louise realised that the most difference could be made by providing good quality home care and pain management to the older members of our clientele. Hence Dr. Louise has decided to focus on her passion: providing excellent palliative care and the most compassionate home euthanasia service possible for Sunshine Coast pets. 

Dr. Louise is Irish (most people say Canadian) and has been living on the coast for three years. She has two daughters aged 4 and 1,  two goats, two horses, one Staffy and one husband, so she has a good idea about how precious your time is and how important our animals are to us. 

We Service most areas of the Sunshine Coast from Coolum to Caloundra, Nambour to Montville and all areas in between. 

If you think your pet might be getting on in years and could do with a little bit of help now, please give us a call.